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Strategic Planning

Association or Government Agency - Strategy, Governance and Operations

Foresight builds strategic plans that do not simply collect dust.

Almost every industry or profession has created an organization to advocate on behalf of its members’ interests before government. These associations play a vital role in the development of good public policy.

In our experience, however, industry and professional organizations are often beset by complex dynamics, both internal and external. For example, an association CEO must meet the needs of a diverse membership, work with a board that is expert in its field but not necessarily experienced in public affairs or organizational strategy, and balance ambitious goals with limited budgets. It is challenging for such an organization to achieve both positive outcomes and organizational buy-in.

Often that which has been done for many years is at once accepted as the right way to do things, and also frustrating to the board, members and staff.

Foresight has worked with all kinds of industry and professional associations. We have helped them articulate their purpose; develop new strategic goals; and design and implement strategies to achieve those goals.

Foresight’s structured approach enhances organizational buy-in, builds accountability, and produces focussed outcomes.

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