Organizational Reviews

Foresight provides tailored recommendations to help organizations implement strategy effectively; we don’t simply recycle templates from another engagement.

The challenge:

Government policy creates different kinds of organizational challenges. Why?

  • Whether developing it, implementing it, or mitigating the risks it poses – organizations are presented with varied challenges by government policy.
  • Challenges for government agencies, trade associations, regulators, and other broader public sector entities are different from private sector challenges.
  • Performance measurement and incentives for private and not-for-profit organizations are very different, so organizational reviews for these types of organizations should be different too.

Answering the difficult questions:

  • What programs should a regulator add, eliminate, or reform to achieve its legislative mandate?
  • How should a member-based association refine its organizational chart to inform and influence government policy better?
  • How can a healthcare organization align its departmental workplans with one another and with its strategic plan?
  • What is the optimal revenue model for a trade association?
  • How should a delegated administrative authority structure its board?

How Foresight helps:

Strategy should drive all organizational choices – often easier said than done.

  • Assess both the effectiveness (“doing the right things”) and efficiency (“doing things right”) with a critical eye.
  • Measure organizational performance and develop proposed alternatives to the status quo.
  • Work closely with CEOs, management teams, and boards to develop and review options so everyone has confidence in the final decisions.
  • Bridge the gap that exists in assessing program or function performance while also employing a nuanced understanding of the mandates of trade associations, regulators, or government agencies.