Strategic Planning

Foresight helps develop strategic plans that are essential management tools; we don’t simply lead cordial meetings that produce meaningless documents that get buried on a website.

The challenge:

Offsite strategic planning sessions are almost always insufficient. Why?

  • They risk producing vague, short-term goals that are impossible to measure.
  • They tend to produce fanciful notions of what can be accomplished while avoiding contentious issues.
  • Time doesn’t permit risk-taking or contemplating something other than the status quo.
  • There’s too little time to build genuine buy-in from the board and/or management.

How Foresight helps:

Strategic planning requires making thoughtful bets about the (unknowable) future.

  • Create an environment where boards and management teams can have candid discussions about the difficult choices they need to make.
  • Take the time to consider many broad perspectives on the organization’s strengths and weaknesses through facilitated sessions, one-on-one interviews, and research.
  • Organize and distill results into an impactful strategic plan for the board’s approval.
  • Achieve a clear and actionable plan that serves as an essential management tool.