Public Policy Counsel & Advocacy

Foresight develops strategies and builds public policy cases to mitigate government policy risk; we don’t simply recommend more trips to the legislature for an endless series of meetings.

The challenge:

Many organizations lack rigour when managing the risk of changing government policy. Why?

  • Compared to other risks, an organization’s impact on government policy can be hard to measure.
  • The government relations industry is built on mystery, conjecture, and the perceived importance of relationships.
  • News and entertainment media reinforce this notion.

How Foresight helps:

Strategic advice and policy substance matter more than “access”.

  1. Provide a candid assessment of where you stand now, and what is realistic to achieve in the complex world of public policy making.
  2. Perform in-depth analysis, including the impact that think tanks, advocacy groups, or the media can have on government decisions.
  3. Build and deliver a substantive public policy case that persuades officials to make a favourable decision by positioning the corporate interest within the broader public interest.