What We Do

Public Affairs Organization Design

Where public affairs expertise meets organization design experience

Foresight strengthens organizations’ internal public affairs resources and capabilities – to achieve better organizational outcomes.

Public affairs (by which we mean government relations, communications, and stakeholder relations) can be an essential function to help organizations achieve their strategic goals. But too often, the function is viewed as something that may be useful but not mission-critical.

Given the potential impact of government policy, organizations need to prioritize their internal public affairs function as they do other significant parts of the business, like legal, marketing, and finance.

In our experience, public affairs is frequently:

  • isolated;
  • split up into various pieces overseen by different functions;
  • given too little authority to succeed;
  • shuffled around within the organization; or
  • lacking performance metrics.

As a result, good strategies fail because the public affairs function was not designed to implement them.

Foresight recognizes the importance of the public affairs function and talent in delivering business outcomes, and has extensive experience in designing the public affairs function for major organizations.

Most often, management consultants lack expertise in the nuances of government decision-making, while public affairs consultants lack the rigour and structured approach of management consultants. Foresight bridges this gap.

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