What We Do

Government Policy Risk Mitigation

Your current state to desired future state involves risk identification, risk assessment and risk mitigation

Foresight develops strategies and builds public policy cases to mitigate government policy risk within Canada and internationally; we don’t simply recommend more trips to the legislature for an endless series of meetings.

Organizations deserve better than the status quo

Government’s role in the economy continues to grow, introducing material business risks. However, unlike with credit, legal, or operational risks, many organizations do not demand the same rigour in managing the risk of changing government policy.

We believe that there are three reasons for this: first, compared to many other risks, an organization’s impact on government policy can be hard to measure; second, the public affairs industry has been built on mystery, conjecture and the perceived importance of relationships; and, third, the news and entertainment media have reinforced the impression that it’s all about access.

Organizations deserve better than this.

Policy substance matters more than “access”

If you are in business, government doesn’t owe you anything. Whether you’re investing or operating in Canada, Chile or China, that is truer today than ever before. That fact doesn’t change just because you hired someone who “knows the Prime Minister’s top advisor” or a lobbyist who worked on a politician’s campaign.

The impression that public affairs is about “access” is simplistic and does not lead to results.

Overlooked is the hard work of engaging in a candid assessment of where you stand now, where you want to go, and what stands in the way. This analysis has to include the impact that other parties, like think tanks, advocacy groups, Indigenous leaders or the media, can have on government decisions.

Also undervalued is the development of a substantive public policy case that will persuade officials to make a favourable decision by positioning the corporate interest within the broader public interest.

Organizations with complicated problems require this hard work. That’s Foresight’s speciality.

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