Our Focus

Foresight Manages Government Policy Risk

We manage government policy risk by developing and implementing well-considered strategies, and by designing effective public affairs functions – so that your organization can succeed.

We are not political fortune tellers, and we do not pretend to be. We are business strategists.

Government policy is a business risk

Government policy is increasingly complex and pervasive. Although most of it is well intentioned, the actions of government can impact business in both intended and unintended ways. In other words, government policy is a business risk and should be managed appropriately.

According to a McKinsey study, 30% of a company’s earnings are at stake from changes in government policy, and a vast majority of CEOs do not feel that they have the resources to manage this risk.

Conjecture and groupthink are not solutions

Although the word “strategy” is bandied about by many consulting firms, far too often these same firms act impulsively and think tactically. They usually lack a methodology, are inconsistent, and are prone to dispensing advice before having researched and examined all the facts.

Perhaps most worryingly, they recommend courses of action that assume a single future scenario. But think of all of the things we knew to be true that didn’t pan out: Hillary Clinton would be President; Kathleen Wynne would keep Ontario’s electricity transmission entirely in public hands; and Stephen Harper would approve a corporate takeover from Australia but reject one from the People’s Republic of China.

An approach based on only one scenario leads to trouble

A structured approach to resolving strategic challenges matters in other professions. We believe that rigour and objectivity matter in public affairs, too.

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