Our Case Studies

Public Affairs Organization Design

Regulator in need of enhanced internal public affairs capabilities

Organizational Risk

One of Canada’s most prominent regulators believed that an ineffective public affairs function was a growing risk to its ability to regulate the industry properly. Accordingly, the organization decided to assess if (and how) it should restructure its team of approximately 20 people. The capabilities to be reviewed included external and internal communications, government and stakeholder relations, public policy development, marketing, and digital communications.

Foresight’s Approach

Since every part of an organization should serve the overall corporate strategy, Foresight began by developing an understanding of both the organization’s strategy and how well the public affairs team was serving it. We interviewed extensively at every level of the regulator and reviewed considerable financial, strategic, communications, and human resources information.

Drawing upon this data, Foresight used a structured approach to analyze the current state of the department. Finally, we recommended a significant restructuring of the department to the senior management team that was approved and implemented quickly.

Organizational Outcome

The new department has established momentum within the organization and has become a partner to advance both strategic goals and mitigate strategic risks.

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