Our Case Studies

Strategic Planning

Organization of highly-regulated professionals in need of strategic realignment

Organizational Risk

Facing a significant loss of revenue and considerable disruption to its profession, the board of directors and CEO of an association were concerned that the organization lacked a clear focus, and about the historically significant gap between the expectations of the board and the actions taken by management.

Foresight’s Approach

Foresight was initially hired to articulate a purpose and strategic goals for the organization, and successively to develop a strategy for the organization covering the next five years. Following a series of interviews and extensive review of material, we facilitated a two-day off-site session for the board and senior management that produced a high-level purpose for the organization and four strategic goals.

Subsequently, and after a second round of consultations, we employed a structured process for strategy development that recommended to management various approaches and tactics that supported the organization’s strategic goals.

Organizational Outcome

As a result of a strategy and proposed implementation plan that followed from the goals set by the board, the organization received a clear purpose and action plan. This allowed it to reposition itself to better serve its members and prepare for necessary cost-cutting and inevitable disruption of the profession. The outcome was a more strategic, efficient, and nimble organization that, for the first time, confronts the significant challenges that it faces.

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